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So What Pests Do We Mainly Deal With.

Brown Rats

Brown rats have been on the increase over the years, increase in human population seems to go with greater numbers of brown rats but I've yet to see them the size of cats so all is not lost.

So for dealing with rats we have a wide array of baits and traps and concealed bait stations, we can do cctv surveys for drains and under building voids, can fit one way valves to drains. most jobs on your family home are a three visit contract spaced out over 3 to 4 weeks look at are prices under services its a good guide to what the cost will be.


Like rats mice do lots of damage chewing though cables, leaving dropping and urinating were ever they go. the treatment for mice is mainly the same as rats but more bait or boxes are require as they are sporadic feeders.

Grey Squirrels

Can wreck your loft space chewing though wires and making one hell of a mess and keeping you up all night, We trap or poison them they look cute but will cost you in the long run if give them access to your roof space.

Wasps and Hornets

Again we have all the right equipment to deal with these flying menaces, extendable lances to reach high roofs and soffits, we also do loft spaces as this is a prime spot for wasps nests.

we recommend you don't put yourself at risk with wasps and hornets as there sting could be fatal if they attack you, 

We have suits and gloves and head gear to stay safe and remember to keep your pets out of the way they can be badly stung. Go to price page for costs.


If you have a swarm of bees outside in a tree or bush ect, call a bee keeper first as they will advise you if the swarm can be removed, if not give me a call and I will discuss with you ways of removal.


On the increase in this country due to travel, they can come back in suit cases and on clothes etc, if you have moved into a new flat or house and have started to see bites in the morning, they are most likely bedbugs, They can lay dormant for a year or so waiting for a meal, and that's you, if you see small blood splats on the sheets and black splatter on mattresses that's usually them.

Treatment can be tricky for bedbugs, but over the years I have had a great success rate for getting rid of them, I have a good stock of products specially designed for the treatment of theses blood suckers, there is a lot of preparation for this type of pest so it pays to get it right first time.


More common than you would think, you will know if you have them as you will see them at night they like the dark, they will contaminate your food and spread diseases.

Treatment is usually a good spray and the use of the latest gel baits, again preparation is key to success.

Carpet moth

You will see your carpets being eaten mainly in the corners, act fast they will spread through your house or flat.

Treatment is a good quality spray, again preparation is key.


There are a few types of ants and when they invade your home or premises they are a nuisance.

Treatment is a good quality spray backed up with ant gel baits.


Cats and dogs can bring them home, bites round the legs are a  good indication you have them, some times if you have moved into a new flat or house they are already there waiting for you.

Treatment is a good quality spray.

Cluster Fly

You can be invaded by Cluster Flies  spring and summer time they hatch out from lawns and make there way into your house.

Treatment can be spraying and a new type of box fitted to the tops of window.

So these are the main pests we deal with day to day, there are many more that you may have a problem with, you can call me and I would be happy to help.

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Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

Brown Rat 


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Carpet Moth 


House Flea 

Cluster flies