Treatment Prices

Theses are Guide to what we charge as some times a job can be more complex than first talked about on the phone, if any treatment is above the price on this list i would always speak to you first before any work is done.

 Price Guide. Jan 2019


 Rats / Mice                                     £150.00  for 3 visits

 Wasps                                             £60 ext nests £10

Hornets                                            £70.00

 Cockroaches        £120  for first room £20 for every extra room

 Bedbugs               £140     for first room £30 for every   extra room, 

 Carpet Moth    £120    for first room £20 for every extra room.

Fleas                 £120 for first room £20 for ever extra room

 Bees                              From            £70

Ants                               From            £80

Squirrels                       3 Visits        £150 

Moles            £150  for inspection set up of traps , then its no mole no fee, ever mole I catch is charged at £25 per mole.       

General insects            From            £80

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