WASPS  15/7/19

If your thinking about treating a ground wasp nest or indeed any wasp or hornets nests think twice I was called out to what seemed to be a small wasps nest in a compost heap I only had my short wasp jacket on not a full suit as I tried to treat the nest about 1000 wasp came out at speed and attacked me some got under my suit and I was stung about 20 times  if I had no suit on it could have been much much worse, don't treat any nest yourself, watch someone like me do it from your widow much more entertaining.

WASPS 22/4/2017

As of April lots of people think they have wasps nests, it has been very mild this year but a few wasps don't make a nest, chances are there a few left over from last year who have been nice and warm under your roof for the winter, if you see much bigger ones they are queens,

Things to look for, are you seeing them going in and out in numbers that's when you know there building a nest and could be time to give me a call don't tackle them yourself they will attack and sting you.

Brown Rats 3/3/18

Three visits why, Well 1st visit is to put down bait boxes with suitable rodenticides which will be a block bait so will not fall out of locked bait boxes, 7 -10 days later. 2d visit check and replenish Bait and remove any dead vermin. 7-10 days later. 3rd visit remove bait stations check for dead vermin make sure things are clean and tidy. this method is tried and tested but in areas of high rodent population more visits could be needed

Squirrels 25/4/17

Lots of the fluffy tailed rats i.e. squirrels about at the moment managed to catch three in one  trap last week, so if you see them or hear them in your roof call me they can do a lot of damage.

Bees  2/6/17

Seems to be a lot of bees this year getting into roof soffits and down chimney as much as we hate to kill bees if you think they are a danger to you and your family and pets give us a call to see what can be done.

Bedbugs 30/1/18

I Have been doing a lot of spray work over the last few months for bedbugs they are really nasty little things, which even make my skin craw, I've been to a few that others have tried to fix with out success , this is a job for people who know what there doing there's a lot of work involved and the right product is key and they don't come cheep  two of the products I use are (pelgar cimetrol super) and (lodi phobi dose) you can look them up on the internet if you would like more information on them, so please don't do what some of my people have done get it right first time of the shelf products won't work on this very hardy pest  and will cost double and a lot of wasted time and work if the right product and the way it is used is not done as it should be. 

Fleas 18/7/17

You can see fleas in the house jumping around and usually the bites are on the legs they can spread quick from one room to the next till the whole house is jumping , best to get them sorted out asap, house or flat will need to be as tidy as is possible, to get the best result I use a good quality product which is tried and tested for use on fleas and it works, most of the product you see on the internet for sale to the general public are not up to the job because they are a weakened down formula and the amount you would need to carry out the job would out way the cost of calling me I could use up to 10 litres of spray product on a 4/5 bed room house.